Managing lateral epicondylosis (tennis elbow) with Active Release Techniques (ART) and nerve flossing exercises

Lateral elbow pain can be difficult to manage. We hear people label it as tennis elbow, lateral epicondylitis, lateral epicondylosis, etc. Regardless of the name, the injured tissue in question is consistent. This is an area of the body that experiences a great deal of repetitive strain/overuse symptoms. Along with the muscular strain component, there is often radial nerve irritation. This can happen as chronic inflammation develops around the forearm extensor muscles and at the common extensor tendon. The radial nerve can also be a source of pain as it can become entrapped/lack of glide within the soft tissues it courses through and around.


Radial nerve entrapments can be treated successfully with soft tissue manipulation combined with implementation of nerve flossing exercises to mobilize the nerve through its path to ensure restrictions do not occur again, or at least, not as intensely. Here is a great demonstration of radial nerve flossing performed by my colleague Shane Lawlor from LawlorChiro Clinic.






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