Recovering From Winter Injuries

Winters in the Midwest can be very stressful. Some years worse than others. Regardless, there continues to be a large number of personal injuries, whether they are a result of a slip and fall, a motor vehicle accident, or simply shoveling snow, they could potentially result in a soft tissue injury such as a muscular strain, a ligamentous sprain or a nerve entrapment related injury.

One of the most common injuries are whiplash (cervical acceleration/deceleration) injuries, either from a slip and fall or motor vehicle accident. At the time of this injury, your body recruits all of the necessary muscles around your spine, neck, cranium, jaw, etc. to help support your skull and brain and minimize the risk of any further head trauma such as a concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI). Your body tends to have an easier chance for full recovery from a soft tissue sprain or strain versus a concussion or TBI.

One of the most effective treatments in resolving soft tissue injuries due to the mechanisms listed above is Active Release Techniques (ART). ART is a soft tissue based treatment system that combines manual therapy/massage therapy with patient movement. After a soft tissue injury, the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and/or nerves can become irritated due to being over stretched abruptly or being torn as your body and momentum are traveling opposite directions or possibly the tissues become compressed/crushed upon impact. Regardless the mechanism of injury, ART can help restore soft tissue mobility/extensibility if soft tissue adhesions are present, as well as mobilize injured sites along nerves to reduce nerve entrapment syndromes.

ART is a hands on therapy that yields rapid results and often times, complete resolution of your injuries in just a few weeks. However, the more traumatic the injury and the longer it’s been untreated, it may take up to a few months or longer for resolution to take place.

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Active Release Techniques (ART) for the cervical spine
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